Home Health Aide Abuse and Neglect - Home health care services are becoming more and more prevalent as our parents age. This makes sense because it costs less than having the loved one placed into an institutional setting. But more and more elderly are finding themselves in the position of having hired a home health aide who will take an opportunity to abuse their charge. Usually, home health aides such as CNA’s are paid low wages and may come from backgrounds that are shady to say the least. Your loved one may be subjected to ongoing physical and mental abuse. Depending on whether the loved one is living alone or has a spouse, the abusive home health provider has ways to deceive and get away with abuses. Also, the home health aide may find easy pickings within the home for stealing medications and valuables. Cunning health aides have also been known to talk the incapacitated person into handing or signing over assets, providing access to bank and investment accounts, and including them into a will or bequeath. These are facts and these types of abuses occur every day. A private investigator can produce evidence that can halt the abuse, lead to the return of valuables, and in some cases, even lead to the caregiver being charged with criminal offenses. P.I. Content provides services to catch home health care abuses which include camera monitoring, background checks, home item inventories, and wellness visits to document the status of a homebound individual.

Institutional Abuse and Neglect - Long-term stays in health care institutions are also common these days. Medicare often requires step-down care and rehabilitation therapies for persons released from hospital settings. In such settings, caregivers may also be overwhelmed with duties, underpaid for their work, or just plain lazy and inconsiderate. Often times abuses occur late at night or overnights when staffing is at a minimum. Calls for help go unheeded and the elderly may be left without being changed, or stuck in one position in their bed, or may have had a denture come loose and could be choking on it. Anytime an incapacitated person is left alone, something bad can occur. In these times of managed care, inept, overworked, or uncaring staff may be all that stands between your elderly mom or dad and significant injury or even death. P.I. Content provides on-site services to document the type and consistency of care being provided and can utilize devices to monitor institutional settings to document abuses.

Wellness Checks - As couples and individuals age, their capacities to carry out even the simplest chores diminish. Many times elderly people living alone are found living amid filth, dirty laundry, un-swept floors, garbage piling up, medications being taken improperly or not at all. Or maybe they have befriended someone who now has close contact with them and who could be laying the groundwork to steal or abuse them. These are all serious and real issues. It could be happening to your elderly mom and dad as you are reading this! P.I. Content conducts wellness checks which determine the state of the situation and provide the client with suggestions as to how to best deal with the issues. Such suggestions may include referrals to social services or even police, organizing interventions with family members, or obtaining a properly vetted home health aide or cleaning service.

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