Fraud Services

Business Ventures - The most sophisticated of con men prey upon the naive in the business and investment arena. That’s because it’s where the big bucks are. They create sophisticated business plans that appear on their face to be legitimate. Often such plans are disguises for Ponzi schemes. The main thing is that the con is just trying to take advantage of your desire to make big profits. Because they appear legitimate, you develop a comfort level with them and then are less afraid to sink your money into something they sell you on. It’s often just a matter of time. The sophisticated con is in no hurry and he or she is usually prepared to take weeks, months, or even years to gain your confidence. Once they have it, it is easy for you to lose it all because you trust them. P.I. Content has seen it all before and can provide you with a comprehensive background check of a person’s business, personal, and criminal history along with advice as to whether the person or proposal passes the smell test. Once you are armed with this knowledge, avoiding being scammed is easy. Don’t wait, investigate!

Con Artist Scams - South Florida is arguably the fraud capital of the world. There is a lot of money here and it is what attracts the best and brightest of the white collar criminal world. You may have already been approached by someone offering a business proposal or maybe just trying to befriend you. In today’s world, a smart criminal has all kinds of ways to research who you are and what assets you may have for the taking before trying to get close to you. They then plot carefully how to introduce themselves into your life and gain your confidence. Eventually, they will spring the con on you and you may not even be aware of it before it’s too late. Many people have lost their life savings, bank investments, and personal items to slick con artists. Even if you catch on after the fact, the laws often are unable to catch up with the con artist and they may even get away scot free. You can prevent this type of scam from happening to you by having P.I. Content check out any new people who have come into your life. P.I. Content conducts comprehensive background investigations of individuals which includes cross-checking database information and physically pulling court records. This assessment can reveal red flags about an individual that can give you all you need to just say no. Sometimes you meet people in life who are truly good people with excellent intentions. But sometimes wolves come in sheep’s clothing and you need to know when you’ve been approached by one. Don’t wait, investigate!

Dating Scams - Internet dating sites have become very popular in recent years. Many single people both young and old are now able to meet and establish relationships with people they contact through on-line dating. Unfortunately, often people who use these sites are naïve because either they are young and just entering the relationship game or are older and have lost a longtime companion to divorce or death. In either case, the con man seeks out people who are vulnerable and people who are alone and lonely are prime targets because the con knows the person may be wanting for companionship or even desperate for it. The con man may tell them what they want and need to hear and again, over time they will gain confidence before springing the con. You may think the most wonderful person in the world just came into your life when in fact it is the most despicable person of all because he is playing off of your insecurities and trusting nature. Now despite what some dating sites tell you about vetting people who sign on to their rosters, they often don’t. In fact, many people who establish identities on the dating sites use false identities. Be especially careful of people who claim to live and work abroad. The stories are plentiful of lonely people being fooled into sending money to con men abroad. But even more importantly, in-person relationships can be established and you could be putting yourself in physical peril. P.I. Content can check out any relation created through on-line networks and provide you with a comprehensive report and advice culled from years of experience so you can feel confident before moving forward with a new relationship.

Email Scams - You’re probably already familiar with scams conducted via email. But novice Internet users may not be. Scams can come in many forms and are often instigated by persons overseas, most notably from African countries such as Nigeria. The scams are pretty simple. They usually offer some monetary reward such as an inheritance from some relative of the scammer, to lure you into becoming involved. What the scammer really wants is for you to pay money to them so they can clear up paperwork and red tape that is keeping the money from being dispersed. In some cases, the con goes to the point where a real person will actually meet with you and even marry you to help get your confidence. Again, like any confidence scam, it is only a matter of time before they will gain your trust and then spring the con on you often taking everything you have. These cons do not differentiate between people with money and people without money. They will take you to the cleaners regardless. Determining if you have fallen victim to a fraud or just cautioning you on how to avoid falling prey to email scams is another service provided by P.I. Content. The cost of checking things out pales in comparison to losing your life savings. Don’t wait, investigate!

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