Personal Protection Services

Firearms Training and Certification - The world is a different place now from what it once was. No longer can you go about your business day to day and be certain that someone won’t try to rob you or otherwise cause harm to you and your family. And no matter how you feel about the social implications of guns in society, it is a fact of life that bad guys have them and will use them to take away what you have, including your life. This leads to one inescapable conclusion: You need to protect yourself and the best way to do it is to learn how to use a gun and how to responsibly keep and care for it. P.I. Content has firearms training services available which include firearms proficiency training and concealed carry certifications. All classes are taught by State of Florida Law Enforcement and National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructors so you know you are being trained by the best. You may never have to use your training but if you only needed it one time in your life, it might turn out to have been the best decision you ever made!

Armed / Unarmed Executive and Personal Security Services - Whether you are a high-powered business executive or just a wealthy family man or woman, you may have enemies you don’t know about. Or you may be seen as a soft target by someone looking to extort money through kidnapping. Whatever the case may, smart people in high risk situations need executive protection. P.I. Content has a network of highly trained personal protection associates, male and female, who can be assembled in a flash for short term or long term assignments be it domestic or abroad.

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