Special Services

Business and Premises Camera Installation and Security Monitoring - You cannot believe how easy it is these days to have your entire home wired for cameras. And even better, how easy it is to be able to monitor the cameras yourself via your home computer, laptop, or cell phone. P.I. Content has the experience with installation of such devices and the know-how to get you set up for monitoring utilizing a device of your choice. P.I. Content can also install the cameras and arrange to have a professional company monitor your premises 24/7.

Electronic Bug Sweeps - Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to get an advantage on you. Whether for business or personal reasons, they might resort to using listening or recording devices to gain that advantage. P.I. Content has counter-surveillance electronics which can identify ‘bugs’ implanted in homes, offices, cars, within telephones, attached to incoming telephone and cable lines, and even inside your computer.

Computer Forensics - P.I. Content has attained years of experience working with computer experts to be able to identify when someone’s computer or cell phone has been compromised by a virus or by a device designed to lift passwords or other sensitive information. If you suspect your computer has been compromised, you can feel confident that P.I. Content can safely remove the device and determine what private information may have been compromised.

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